Top 100. 00-09 (40-11)

40. Clint Eastwood. Gorillaz

39. Pagan Poetry. Björk

38. Superstilyn’. Groove Armada

37. Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Green Day

36. So Contagious. Acceptance

35. PDA. Interpol

34. Extreme Ways. Moby

33. Sunday. SIA

32. What Katie Did. The Libertines

31. BedShaped. Keane

30. Anthems for a seventeen year old girl. Broken Social Scene

29. Their Cell. Girl in a Comma

28. Clocks. Coldplay

27. Amber. 311

26. Starlight. Muse

25. Take Me Out. Franz Ferdinand

24. Blindness. Metric

23. Your Witness. Seppuku Paradigm

22. Young Folks. Peter Bjorn and John

21. Caught by the River. Doves

20. All the Small Things. Blink 182

19. Island in the Sun. Weezer

18. You Know You’re Right. Nirvana

17. You and Whose Army. Radiohead

16. Leif Erikson. Interpol

15. There There. Radiohead

14. Empire. Kasabian

13. Toxicity. System of a Down

12. Heart in a Cage. The Strokes

11. Can’t take me eyes off of you. Muse

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18 responses to “Top 100. 00-09 (40-11)”

  1. Lic. Jesús de Nazaret says :

    A mira Jálelo, esta entrega de la lista ya me gusto mas, hay cosillas sensuales como toxicity, starlight, clocks, etc que son mas de mi agrado que las entregas anteriores.

    Estoy ansioso por saber que canción es la número uno de lista wey-

  2. snakehunter21 says :


  3. snakehunter21 says :

    la tipa se esta comiendo la tanga xD

  4. snakehunter21 says :

    am no sabia buscare de ella haber q pasa 😛

  5. Kirkis says :

    Audrey Hollander es la mayor zorra de la historia. Menuda elasticidad que tiene xDDDDDDDD

  6. Rafkeith says :

    Me quito el sombrero con Franz Ferdinand, es perfecto

  7. Huasta says :

    Keane y Muse, al fin algo que me gusta realmente.

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